Part of Boskalis

Part of Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global dredging and marine expert providing services to the dredging, inland infra and energy offshore sectors.
Through SMIT we are active in towage and salvage.

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Boskalis Australia Pty Ltd

Boskalis Australia Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Boskalis International B.V.. Both are members of the worldwide group of companies Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., based in the Netherlands.

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is an international dredging company active in the area of maritime infrastructure in more than 75 different countries across six continents.

Boskalis was established in 1910 and hence has a track record of 100 years in dredging, coastal defence and land reclamation over the whole world.

Boskalis has been operating in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, and the Pacific Islands for more than 50 years through its Australian based subsidiary.

Australia - Fremantle

Boskalis is a global dredging company, carrying out projects that vary widely in nature and size. The increasing scale and complexity of projects mean that the role of our company is developing more and more from a traditional 'contractor' to a project partner.

Boskalis can provide total solutions for almost all infrastructure challenges. The total solutions cover the full project cycle: from functional requirements through design and construction, but also financing and complex project management. This often results in more innovative contracts and financing structures, such as alliance contracts and public-private initiatives. This allows us, together with our clients, to control all project risks. The basis for collaboration is the shared interest in efficiency and profit.